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Marketing Support Services

Good marketing needs good quality support services like CRM, mailings and fulfilment. We can help...

Customer Relationship Management

Keeping your customers warm and loyal; we can manage your campaigns and refresh your databases

We understand that you need to keep in close contact with your customers, to build on the relationship and retain their enthusiasm for your brand or your service. We can help you to collect and collate customer information, responses to campaigns, change of details and monitor your direct communications with your customers.

For example, we are able to handle responses from customers to your marketing campaigns, calls to action or invites to participate in promotions. For many companies we distribute customer communications and collect their response, either by means of postal or electronic replies.

We have a track record of providing highly accurate data capture services, processing raw customer data and turning these responses into useful data sets and reports. We can also update your customer records from the responses we receive, ensuring your CRM data is updated and relevant.

For many years we worked with BT handling all of their Friends and Family records, providing an extensive and extremely accurate service.

Promotional Fulfilment and Direct Marketing

When you need to communicate with customers we can manage the mechanics

For many years we have been working with both marketing agencies and client companies to deliver fulfilment on promotional campaigns and direct marketing activities. The support we offer is dependent on the need of each campaign, whether consumer or B2B marketing, we can:

    o Clean and prepare databases so they are campaign-ready.

    o Print and distribute letters, flyers or campaign materials.

    o Handle and process any customer responses.

    o Distribute promotional items as per your specification (including storage).

    o Manage data associated with these activities.

    o Provide reports on activities carried out and customer responses.

As with our other services, we can and frequently do tailor solutions to meet our clients’ needs, no campaign is too small or too large.

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