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Market Research Case Studies

Client: Reader’s Digest

Project: European Trusted Brands Survey

Running for over ten years, European Trusted Brands is a large-scale Europe-wide survey of Reader’s Digest subscribers that aims to understand consumer’s brand perceptions across a wide range of product categories, including consumer packaged goods, banking / financial services and high ticket items.

Wyman Dillon has worked closely with Reader’s Digest in the execution of this annual survey and handles up to 30,000 completed surveys per annum from around 18 participating countries. We take responsibility for the coding and data capture of multi-language responses and provide detailed analysis for each country and for Europe as a whole. The findings are much anticipated every year and are used as a very successful marketing tool.

Client: Bristol City Council

Project: Quality of Life Research

The Bristol Quality of Life Survey is an annual survey distributed to up to 28,000 Bristol residents. Wyman Dillon has administered this since 2001 on behalf of the Council; services provided over the years include sample selection, printing of survey materials, initial mailing, response handling and monitoring, reminder mailing, coding, data entry and analysis.

For the latest survey in excess of 50,000 survey packs were despatched in two waves. Each mailing needs to be despatched in a very compact timeframe and, as accurate fulfilment is essential, the requirement for a high level of quality control and supervision is paramount.

Nearly 6,000 responses were received and data captured to a strict coding protocol and rigorous quality checking procedures were applied to the dataset.

Client: University of Bristol

Project: “Children of the Nineties”

The University of Bristol has conducted the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children (ALSPAC), also known as the ‘Children of the Nineties’ project since the early nineties and the research continues today.

The study recruited more than 14,000 pregnant women in 1991 and 1992. With the use of self-completion questionnaires the project has followed their lives from pregnancy and childbirth and all the way through childhood. Surveys of the children’s health and development have been completed by parents, partners and more recently by the children themselves.

Wyman Dillon has worked with University of Bristol since the outset of this study and has been responsible for the confidential collection of completed questionnaires and all data capture and data processing. Over the years this has involved managing over 300 different questionnaires, requiring high levels of accuracy and high standards of quality.

The study has achieved national and international acclaim and has resulted in the publication of over 300 scientific papers. Some of its most profound findings have received much media coverage over the years, for example, risk reduction of Cot Death in babies and links between diet during pregnancy and children’s IQ and eyesight.

Client: Just Born

Project: Mike and Ike, UK Product Test

Just Born is a long established USA based candy-maker with many well known brands, and some date back several generations. The Mike and Ike brand of sugar-coated jelly beans is targeted at an active youth market (aged 15-24) and has strong associations with music, fashion and extreme sport lifestyles.

They launched the Mike and Ike brand in the UK in 2006 and whilst the positioning seemed right and product trial was successful, sales were not as they hoped following initial positive response on launch. The lack of repeat purchase was attributed to the flavours that were included in the 3 product variants (Berry Blast, Tropical Typhoon, Fab Fruits) as the concept itself had been well received. It was also important to understand consumer response to artificially flavoured sweets versus naturally flavoured sweets.

Wyman Dillon undertook in-hall product tests with 15-24 year olds who regularly purchased fruit flavoured sweets, to evaluate response to flavours included in the product variants. We also tested a leading competitor’s sugar coated fruit flavoured sweet, to compare and benchmark flavours and product design.

The results of the product testing provided Just Born with some strong indications of where the product should be adjusted for the UK market, both in terms of the product itself (artificial to natural flavourings) and the product design and packaging.

Following the changes, the products were re-launched to shelf and the brand has continued to penetrate the UK market.

Client: National Assembly for Wales

Project: Health Behaviour in School-Aged Children Study (for WHO)

The Health Behaviour in School-Aged Children Study is an ongoing project run by the World Health Organisation across 40 countries. Wyman Dillon has been involved with the Welsh HBSC for many years, administering questionnaires to about 9,000 pupils in over 70 schools throughout Wales, handling all subsequent data processing.

We also conducted a ‘pre’ and ‘post’ evaluation study for the Welsh Assembly to monitor the impact of the installation of water coolers in schools in Community First areas of Wales. This was combined qualitative and quantitative research involving face-to-face interviews with pupils from age 5 to 15 as well as depth interviews and focus groups with teachers.

Client: The Oxford Group

Project: 360° Preferred Behaviour Programme

Wyman Dillon works in partnership with The Oxford Group, an international HR, business management and people development consultancy, on its 360° Preferred Behaviours programmes for clients in the UK, Europe, USA and Malaysia.

The programmes are part of a wider approach to behavioural assessment, change and development, helping businesses and organisations to get the best from their personnel to improve business and personal performance.

Projects have involved administering both paper-based and email surveys to programme participants, response handling, data capture, data analysis and full-colour hard copy and electronic report production, tailored to the specification of The Oxford Group’s clients.

We have worked with The Oxford Group for many organisations, including Barclays Bank, Northumbrian Water, Aventis, Standard Life, Nielsen and Ofgem.

Client: Hi There Ltd (HR Consultancy)

Project: Greene King Employee Engagement

Wyman Dillon works in partnership with Hi There Ltd, an organisation specialising in improving business performance through internal communications, such as consultation, planning and implementation of restructuring and organisational change.

Wyman Dillon provide employee research services to Hi There and their clients where programmes have required an understanding of employee attitudes to work, job satisfaction, employee engagement and the communication and understanding of company values and brand vision.

We worked together for Greene King managing a complex project to reach 18,000 employees across several working environments; brewery staff, field staff, pub managers and head office staff, each group receiving specific and relevant briefings and questionnaires tailored to their function within the company.

This approach improved the response rate by 50% compared to previous years, allowing Greene King to gain better insight into their employees’ opinions.

Client: Nissan UK

Service: Direct Marketing and Promotional Campaigns

Since 1994 Wyman Dillon has handled the postal response mechanisms from all of Nissan’s direct marketing campaigns. There can be multiple campaigns happening at any one time, generating many thousands of items of inbound mail, all of which need to be processed on a daily basis.

The data captured is collated into a meaningful format allowing customer relationship management teams at Nissan to view reports to understand the successes of each campaign and identify the types of customers that the direct mail has had the most resonance.

We also print and despatch notification letters to registered Nissan customers whenever a dealership closes, opens or re-locates, keeping customers informed of accessibility to Nissan services.

Our contract has recently been extended to additionally manage the fulfilment of brochures and product launch materials, promotional items, test drive requests and handle customer responses to various loyalty campaigns.

Client: Citroën UK

Service: Loyalty and Direct Marketing

In 1997 Wyman Dillon provided advice on the setting up of Citroën UK’s marketing database and since then we have dealt with the customer response handling, data capture and formatting for all of Citroën UK’s direct marketing and loyalty campaigns.

This has included providing continuous reporting feeds containing customer data and their response to the campaigns’ activities and providing updates to the customer’s personal details.

Client: Avon and Somerset Police

Project: Public Feedback Survey

In 2006 Wyman Dillon were commissioned by Avon & Somerset Constabulary to conduct a Public Feedback Survey targeting c11,500 residents across the force area. We sourced a representative sample, designed and produced survey materials, dispatched mailings, processed responses. The required response level for each sub-area was achieved.

Following on from this baseline survey, we have continued to conduct a series of quarterly tracker surveys to monitor trends. This includes targeting under-represented groups (young people and ethnic minorities) by means of over-sampling to a sufficient degree to achieve required response levels and ensure all groups in the community have the opportunity to share their views.

We also recently conducted a large-scale public consultation on behalf of the Constabulary. This involved sourcing contact details and completing telephone interviews with nearly 5,000 local residents. To ensure a representative sample was achieved, these were carried out during evenings and weekends. All interviewing took place in-house under the close supervision of our Field Manager. The required quota was achieved well within the deadline.

Client: Stoke-on-Trent City Council

Project: Place Survey

Wyman Dillon administered the Place Survey on behalf of Stoke-on-Trent City Council. The survey is a tool that helps councils and their partners understand the views of local people, seeking direct feedback on services and exploring perceptions of the area. The Place Survey also provides a set of national indicators that are common to all geographical areas.

We provided sampling, survey material production, distribution of initial and reminder mailings, receipt handling, response logging and data entry. We also undertook the analysis and reporting.

Client: Ministry of Defence

Project: Continuous Feedback Surveys

Wyman Dillon provides data capture and data preparation services to the Ministry of Defence for a variety of Continuous Attitude Surveys amongst Army personnel.

This is key research for understanding the attitudes, experiences and opinions of Service personnel. The findings of the survey help policy staff to keep informed and helps them to prioritise the necessary actions to improve the service conditions of personnel and their families.

The need for a high level of security, confidentiality and accuracy are all of paramount importance.

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